Maviju is an Ecuadorian company with 18 years of experience trading in the local market. We are located in the city of Guayaquil, 30 minutes from the seaport. We import and distribute at a nationwide level lighting, electrical material, aluminium profile and drywall products.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to Maviju. Quality suppliers are critical to Maviju’s success in our increasingly competitive local market. We are always looking for suppliers that can provide value-added and innovative products which exceed customer expectations and can meet the growing challenges and regulations of the Ecuadorian market.

Maviju’s suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet our requirements including technical capability, product and service quality, innovation, timely and accurate delivery and total cost. These criteria are consistent with Mavijus’s own expectations for service to its customers and reflect the spirit of partnership we expect with our suppliers.

We welcome all enquiries from potential suppliers. Please contact:

Mr. Vicente Servigón Tong
General Manager / Procurement Manager
Telephone: (+593) 4 371 2520